Susana Viegas
Cinema and Death: A Film-Philosophical Analysis

Susana Viegas is a Researcher in Film-Philosophy and a full member of IFILNOVA (the Institute of Philosophy of the Nova University of Lisbon).

She received her PhD in Philosophy (Aesthetics) from the Nova University of Lisbon in 2013 with a doctoral thesis on Deleuze’s philosophy of film. She was awarded an FCT PhD Studentship (2007-2011). In 2019, she finished a Postdoctoral research project being supervised by James Williams—”Rethinking the Moving Image and Time in Gilles Deleuze’s Philosophy”—at the Nova University of Lisbon, the University of Dundee (UK), and Deakin University (Australia), also supported by the FCT.

She has published articles in academic journals such as Colóquio-Letras, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, Kriterion, Early Popular Visual Culture, and Journal of Aesthetic Education, and is also co-editor/founder of Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image.

In 2023, Susana Viegas was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant to lead a new research project, “Film and Death—Film-Philosophy as a Meditation on Death.”