Oana Șerban
The Biopolitical Potential of Postmodern Cinema: when Baidou and Žižek meet Aloni’s Local Angel
Thursday, May 25 • 5:00 pm – 5:20 pm (CEST)

Oana Șerban (b. 1991) is a titular professor at the University of Bucharest, Romania, where she teaches Modern Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Biopolitics at the Faculty of Philosophy and holds the UNESCO Chair in Interculturality, Good Governance, and Sustainable Development. Additionally, she serves as the Executive Director of CCIIF – The Research Center for the History of Philosophical Ideas (UB).

She is the author of Cultural Capital and Creative Communication: (Anti)Modern and (Non)Eurocentric Perspectives (Routledge, 2023), After Thomas Kuhn: The Structure of Aesthetic Revolutions (De Gruyter, 2022), and Artistic Capitalism (Paralela 45, 2016).

Furthermore, she has made numerous contributions as a co-editor for various volumes exploring the intersections of philosophy, culture, and aesthetics. Noteworthy among these works are Rethinking Modernity, Transitions and Challenges (Cambridge, Ethics International Press), Bordering the European Identity (Bucharest University Press, 2018), Octavio Paz: Culture and Modernity (Bucharest University Press, 2017), and Culture and Religion in the Balkans: Philosophical Approaches (Bucharest University Press, 2015).

Currently, Șerban’s research focuses on exploring the biopolitical potential of modern art.