Niall Kennedy
Is An Cailín Ciúin an Example of Deleuzian Minor Cinema?

Niall Kennedy is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of French, Trinity College Dublin. He has also worked as a Guest Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London. In Summer 2023, he will be a visiting scholar in the Department of Film and Television Studies, Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University, Turkey.

His recent publications include a chapter on the philosophical relationship between Deleuze and Fernando Pessoa, from Louvain University Press, and an essay on the fantastic in the films of Nacer Khemir, from the Philosophical Society of Macedonia. He has also translated scholarly work on Pierre Boulez for Cambridge University Press.

He is presently working on a book on Deleuze and the author. He campaigns against academic precarity in Ireland and is a founding member of the Irish Precarity Network.