Evangelos D. Protopapadakis
Ontology and Gender in Film Philosophy

Evangelos D. Protopapadakis is a prominent scholar and expert in the field of applied ethics, with a focus on bioethics, animal ethics, environmental ethics and cyber ethics.

He is an Associate Professor of Applied Ethics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he also serves as the Director of the Applied Philosophy Research Laboratory. He has been involved in various national and international committees and organizations related to bioethics and technoethics, such as the Hellenic National Commission for Bioethics and Technoethics, the Pan-Orthodox Committee of Bioethics of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople, the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction, and the Bioethics Committee of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute.

He is also Director of the MA Program Animal Welfare, Ethics and the Law, and the Head of the Greek Unit of the International Chair in Bioethics (WMA Cooperation Center), a UNESCO-affiliated institution that promotes bioethical education and research worldwide.

Protopapadakis has authored five books—most recently, From Dawn till Dusk: Bioethical Insights into the Beginning and the End of Life (Berlin: Logos Verlag, 2019)—and edited or co-edited 12 volumes on various topics related to ethics, bioethics and philosophy. He has also published more than 70 papers in domestic or international scientific journals and volumes. His publications cover a wide range of issues, such as euthanasia, cloning, assisted reproduction, animal welfare, environmental protection, cyber security, international relations and human rights. His work has received praise and recognition from eminent philosophers and bioethicists.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Conatus – Journal of Philosophy, a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original articles on various aspects of philosophy. Additionally, he is a member of several domestic and international philosophical societies and has participated in numerous conferences and workshops as a speaker or an organizer. He has also taught courses on ethics and bioethics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as supervised doctoral dissertations and master’s theses.