Wittgenstein and Cinema

Friday, May 26
8:40 pm – 9:00 pm (CEST)

Ernesto Heredero del Campo explores Ludwig Wittgenstein’s views on cinema, with reference to the fundamental distinction of his philosophical thought (saying vs. showing), as well as how these ideas have been transposed into the cinematic medium, explicitly (Jarman, Forgács) and implicitly (Antonioni, Lanthimos, Villeneuve).

Cinema and Death: A Film-Philosophical Analysis

Friday, May 26
9:00 pm – 9:20 pm (CEST)

How does cinema relate to death and memory? Susana Viegas examines the concept of the “death-image” and the emergence of a new type of characters who have passed through a death and are reborn from it. Drawing on Deleuze’s analysis of Alain Resnais, she explores how films can create depersonalized dream-images that transcend the limits of perception and time.