Alexandra Okanovic
The Face as Icon: Rethinking Pictorial Representation through Lévinas’ Concept of the Face

Alexandra Okanovic is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Szeged in Hungary, where she received her MA degree in philosophy in 2019. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts at the same university, in 2014, with a major specialization in film theory and history and a minor specialization in philosophy.

Her research is focused on aesthetics, specifically the philosophy of Emmanuel Lévinas and Jean-Luc Marion, as well as the philosophical aspects of cinema. Okanovic has presented her work at several academic conferences, including the Annual Scientific Students’ Associations Conference in Hungary, “Furija,” the 11th Annual Conference of Contemporary Philosophical Issues in Croatia, and “Young Philosophy”, 17th Annual International Conference for PhD Students and Young Researchers in Slovakia.